Fly fishing casting and tips for beginners

The Best way to learn fly fishing casting


Want to learn some basics of fly fishing casting and other helpful tips? We thought so. We get a lot of clients who hire us to take them on guided fly fishing trips and many are complete novices. The top question we get asked by them is “Do you have any tips you can tell me because I have no experience”. So we had to create a resource chalk full of helpful tips on learning the basics of fly fishing and fly casting.

Hey this is Brian Mack, owner/operator and fly fishing guide at Silversides Fishing Adventures in Vancouver, British Columbia. I started fly fishing as a young adult back in 1988. I struggled with casting. I even admitted to myself that I sucked at casting a fly rod. It was true. But within a year or 2 of perseverance life was looking good in this area. We didn’t have Youtube or the internet back then so finding resources was slow.


Top tips #1: if you really want to learn fly fishing then go to your local fly fishing shop and sign up for lessons. This will save you lots of time, money and headaches.

Learn the basics of fly casting

These 2 Youtube videos are great for beginners!

Long distance fly casting techniques

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