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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through some commonly asked questions and if you don’t see what you’re looking for ask us anyway and we may add it to the list.

We will always strive to provide perfect service!

Ask Brian Mack

Owner/Operator & Head Guide


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How long have you been in business?

Brian started Silversides in 1996. His experience also includes working at some of British Columbia’s best fly-in Salmon fishing resorts for 3 seasons. Excellent fishing skills and warm customer service is what you should expect with us.

What is the itinerary of a Fraser river fishing charter?

You arrive at the boat launch or marina 15 minutes before scheduled start time so that you’re ready to board the boat on time. After boarding the boat, and some introductions we’ll go over safety protocols and then we’re off to our fishing destination! This is anywhere from a 5 to 30 minute boat ride and then you are fishing!

For Sturgeon trips we rarely need to travel more than 15 minutes due to our ideal location in Mission.

Your guide will make sure that you are taught all the proper ways to cast, retrieve or fight your fish. We’re free to answer any questions about the fishing, the species, and local info.

If you are keeping salmon we will clean and bag your catch for you.

We take photos and video and can send them to you in the near future.

Your charter starts at the scheduled start time and after the allotted time of the trip you are back at the dock. If fishing is slow and there is time we are known to stay out a bit longer to ensure you have a good trip.

Do you offer a pickup service?

Yes. Pickup is included on all walk n wade trips serving downtown Vancouver hotels or North Van hotels.
We provide airport transfers to our clients for a fee. For airport transfers we meet you inside the airport, drive you to your hotel and help you check in. Hotel pickups from Vancouver for Fraser river fishing trips are an additional charge.

Do you sell Gift certificates?

Yes, and for any occasion. Fishing gift certificates are ideal for Xmas, Birthdays, milestones or whatever you like!
Choose from a Fraser river fishing trip all the way to fly fishing lessons.

How should we dress?

West coast weather can be quite variable even throughout the day. For this reason we recommend looking at the forecast and dressing accordingly.

Tips: when waders will likely be worn please wear or bring fleece pants or long johns and regular socks which will allow you to be comfortable inside the waders we have. Jeans and waders don’t mix well. Upper layers are a great idea and if it’s warm or cold you can always remove or add a layer. In the heat of summer(mid July to early September) we recommend shorts and footwear that can handle getting completely wet such as Crocs or sandals. Water temps on the Fraser river during this time are comfortable and waders are not typically required. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are great items for sunny days.

Please Do Not wear perfumes, colognes as the fumes can penetrate baits and cause them to be ineffective. Light use of deodorants is OK. Fancy expensive clothes and shoes are likely to get stained from possible blood and other stuff. Leave your $100 white Nikes and shirts at home. Just ask us if you’re unsure of anything.

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What is your success rate?

We work smart to achieve one of the best overall success rates in our industry.
Many of our repeat clients book with us because of our reliability. We are very proud to have a success rate very very near to 100%. On all our 8 hour Sturgeon trips we have over a 99% success rate. You can fish with confidence when you book with Silversides Fishing Adventures!

Do you supply the fishing gear?

Yes! all of our guided fishing trips come with all rods, reels and tackle.
However we realize that experienced fly fishers and anglers may want to use their own equipment and that’s OK. We’ll help you with the details of what you will need to bring. For Sturgeon fishers we recommend relying on our specialized big game gear.

What months do you guide?

Year round. Each month has some excellent fishing options and we dare not pass up on that. We operate 12 months of the year. Please see our Fishing Seasons page for details on  what runs each month.

How much experience do you have providing BC Salmon & Sturgeon fishing holidays?

A great question. Silversides owner and head guide Brian Mack started in the professional side of the BC sport fishing industry back in 1992 as a head fishing guide at Rivers Inlet Lodge on the central BC coast. Silversides Fishing Adventures was established in 1996. We started providing Fraser river Salmon & Sturgeon fishing holidays back in the late 1990’s and continue to this day. It is our passion to be in this field and to meet people from all over, providing quality professional service and fishing experiences. Our success rate is amazing and people speak very well of us and the fishing here.

We love what we do! This drives us to be the best for you.

What kind of river boats do you have?

Brian Mack runs a 21 ft Customweld ‘Storm’ jet boat with a 5.7 liter inboard V8.
The seating area is covered and has a heater. You’ll stay dry. Seating is very comfortable. Our assistant guides run boats very similar or identical.

When is Salmon fishing season?

  • River fishing for Salmon usually starts in July.
  • Chinook salmon arrive in the Vedder river in early July.
  • Fraser river Chinook salmon usually opens mid July.
  • Chinook fishing is good from late July to mid October.
  • Sockeye arrive in August and the Fraser river may be open if the numbers are strong.
  • Pink salmon arrive in odd years only and can be fished from July 20 to October 1st.
  • Coho salmon can be fished from mid September to mid November.
  • Chum salmon are fished from October 1 to November 30.

When is best time for Sturgeon fishing?

Fraser river White Sturgeon are available year round.
Peak season is typically June to mid November but excellent fishing can be had in winter spring too. The monster fish are more prevalent in Summer & Fall.

How much Fly fishing experience do you have?

Brian Mack started fly fishing back in 1988. By 1994 he was very skilled in Trout fly fishing. By 1996 we were doing very well with Salmon too.

Today we have complete confidence in our abilities to fly fish on all our local rivers and lakes for ALL of the species available here. We also teach fly casting.

Our fly fishing assistant guide Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and ability including his honor ofwinning the Canadian Junior Fly Fishing championship and top ten in the world!

Where do you fish out of?

  • Our Fraser river Sturgeon trips mostly depart from Mission, BC which is recognized as the Sturgeon Capital of North America. This location allows us to target Sturgeon anywhere from Chilliwack to Maple Ridge.
  • Fraser river Salmon trips depart from either Mission or Kilby Provincial Park(30 minutes east of Mission) on the Harrison river. If you are staying in downtown Vancouver we do provide hotel pickup, free for walk and wade, or a fee for Fraser river Sturgeon or Salmon trips.
  • For walk and wade trips which are mostly from January to May we fish anywhere from Squamish all the way to Chilliwack, either not more than 60 minutes from downtown.
  • Wilderness lake trips are about 3 hrs from downtown Vancouver.

Do you cancel trips due to weather?

Generally No.
People ask a lot if we’ll cancel a trip if it’s raining. This is the west coast aka wet coast and rain is a part of life here and besides the fish are already wet. Life goes on, just bring a rain jacket or we may have a extra one for you. Our jet boats are covered and will keep you dry if you’re not fighting a fish. The only time we ever cancel or postpone a trip is during Steelhead season if the river is blown out or if it’s snowed too much.

What rivers/lakes do you fish?

These are the popular bodies of water we guide on:

  • Fraser river
  • Harrison river
  • Chilliwack/Vedder river
  • Squamish river & tributaries
  • upper Pitt river
  • Stave river
  • Chehalis river
  • Key interior lakes for Rainbow’s

Where do we get our fishing license?

All BC fishing licenses are now available online.
Many stores just don’t carry them anymore and Tidal licenses are only online.

Links: Tidal or Freshwater(Non Tidal) We will tell you which licenses to purchase prior to your arrival.

What fish do you catch?

  • Fraser river White Sturgeon
  • King(Chinook, Spring) salmon
  • Coho salmon
  • Pink salmon
  • Sockeye salmon
  • Chum salmon
  • Bull trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Cutthroat trout
  • Dolly Varden trout
  • Steelhead

When does the Pink Salmon run on the Squamish River open?

  • Squamish river Pink Salmon open around July 20 but check with us for updated openings and closures.
  • Squamish river Pink Salmon fly fishing is good from late July to late August. Pinks return to local rivers in southwest BC every odd numbered year.

When do Pink Salmon open on the Fraser River?

Pink Salmon open on the Fraser River in later August which is about the time they start showing up.
Best times to book for Fraser Pink Salmon is from very late August to very late September. Limits for Fraser Pinks is 4 per day per angler.

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What's the Best time for Trout Fly Fishing?

The best times for Trout fly fishing are as follows:

  • March to early May & Nov-Dec for Bull, Cutthroat, Dolly Varden & Rainbow trout on the Squamish river valley(walk n wade)
  • March to early May & Nov-Dec for Bull & Cutthroat trout on the Harrison river(jet boat only)
  • February – April for Cutthroat trout on the Fraser river(jet boat only)
  • May to early July for interior region lakes Rainbows

Do you provide fish processing or packaging?

Yes! If you want to take your salmon on the airplane that’s easy for any North American destination.

We can supply airline approved travel boxes at $25 each. They’re big enough to hold four 25 lb salmon or 16 Pink/Sockeye size salmon(about 5 lbs each). It is highly recommended that at least 50% of the contents of the box be frozen when you pack it prior to flights. Our lodging partners offer freezing of fish for those staying multiple days. If you are travelling outside of North America see St Jeans website(below).

Fish smoking & canning is done through St. Jeans Cannery. They have 2 drop off locations in Vancouver. See the St Jeans website for details and rates.

Do you offer 'Shared' boat charters?

Are you a single angler who’s looking to join a group or other angler?
We get this request a fair amount. For boat charters it will only work if there’s another single angler looking and the dates line up. This doesn’t happen very often but we still try. We highly recommend posting on our Facebook page so that others can possibly join you. Or try posting on Craigslist.

Will I get Sea sick on the Fraser river?

That’s not likely because the Fraser river is generally flat and calm.
On a very windy day we could have a chop with wave heights not over 2 feet. In most cases it’s either flat or a light ripple. Our Sturgeon fishing video shows what the water is like on average.

Do I need any experience to go on a charter?

Nope. Nada. None.
We’re very good at teaching and coaching you through your playing of that big fish. You’ll have fun!

For fly fishing it does help if you have fly casting experience but it’s not essential. We have taken absolute rookies many times and after some casting instruction on the river they have done very well and caught some nice fish!

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