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Freshwater fishing trips in Vancouver, British Columbia and the Fraser River Valley since 1996

About Silversides Fishing

Silversides Fishing was established in 1996 by Brian Mack out of a desire to leave the daily indoor grind and pursue a passion that was deeply rooted in fishing and the love of the great outdoors since childhood. Today that passion is ever so strong and drives us to be the Best in guided fishing tours from Vancouver to the Fraser River Valley.

This is our full time vocation year round. Therefore we are always prepared and in touch with what’s biting and where!

Silversides Fishing is recognized as one of the premier guiding companies in Vancouver & the Fraser River Valley. We let our long list of worldwide repeat clients make that decision for us through their repeat business and solid reviews. And there’s also the TV production crews that always come back to us. What we do to earn this rating is have a total commitment to providing a truly professional service throughout our customers experience with us. For us, it’s more than just giving our guests the ultimate chance of hooking more fish in our pristine west coast rivers. It’s about delivering a quality experience from start to finish by practising friendly customer service, proper etiquette and stewardship.

We love to talk fishing!


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The beautiful Upper Pitt River is a fly fishing paradise!

What our awesome guests say about us

Our Guided Fishing Services:

  • Half or full day charters

  • Premium tackle is always provided

  • Jet boat trips

  • Walk and wade trips

  • Fly fishing specialists

  • Private charters only – no mixed groups

  • Corporate and team building events

  • Stag events

  • Filming for Outdoor shows and more

  • Multi day packages with lodging and transport

We cater to groups of 1 all the way up to 24. Our fleet of custom V8 powered jet boats are covered and provide safe passage on all our rivers. All high end tackle is always provided at no extra cost. We also provide pickups from downtown Vancouver and the 2 major airports in greater Vancouver.

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Our operations cover an area of over 155 km(93 miles) of prime river real estate in the Vancouver, Fraser River Valley and Squamish/Whistler region. These rivers offer excellent opportunity for fly fishing, casting lures or chucking bait. We also have a handful of pristine lakes holding Rainbow Trout.

Our Waters:

  • Fraser River

  • Harrison River

  • Vedder(Chilliwack) River

  • Stave River

  • Squamish River

  • Upper Pitt River

Our keynote river is the Fraser which is British Columbia’s longest river at 1,375 km. We fish a stretch from Agassiz to Fort Langley which includes the Chilliwack and Mission section.

Fish Species:

  • White Sturgeon to 1,000 lbs

  • All 5 Pacific Salmon

  • Trout(Dolly Varden, Bull, Rainbow, Cutthroat)

  • Steelhead(Winter run)


Hi – I’m Brian Mack, owner/operator and head guide. There’s something that goes way back to trigger the passion for fishing. For myself it started when I was a toddler. Growing up in North Vancouver and surrounded by creeks, forest, rivers and ocean it was easy to play in nature and find fish. Exploring the creeks and chasing trout at every opportunity was the norm. On family visits to the beach all I could think about was looking for sea life in the tidal pools. If it had fins it needed catching! It seems not much has changed over the years.

By the time I was 13 I had my first Chinook salmon and had already caught a few Coho too. My dad had many friends who were avid fishermen and hunters. They took us out fishing on countless occasions. This solidified my fishing addiction. At the age of 26 my friends and I were flying into Rivers Inlet to experience remote coastal salmon fishing at it’s best. We went 2 years in a row. In the 3rd year I applied to work at a remote salmon lodge and was hired. I worked on and off in the area for several years. There was a calling in my life and I had to pursue it. And so I did.

Fast forward to 1996 and I decided to start Silversides Fishing Adventures and pursue the dream.

The rest is history.

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Our Focus

1. We want people to have beautiful experiences in the outdoors through the art of fishing.

2. To always stay at the top of our game and lead the way in catch results and professionalism!

3. Be good stewards of our resource.

I’m Brian Mack the owner of Silversides. My life coach(Dad) taught me very early in life that quality, integrity and value are indispensable. He was right. Those values drive me every day in business, leisure and family.

Here’s our core values that drive us today:

  • Integrity
  • Superior Customer service
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Being the Best at what we do!
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Brian Mack

Owner and Pro Guide

Silversides Fishing Adventures was founded in 1996 when I was 33. I had spent my whole life growing up around outdoorsmen and was drawn into this lifestyle at a very early age. By my late 20’s I had spent unimaginable amounts of time fishing throughout British Columbia. I would even get a few casts in before work or church back in the 90’s. So it’s pretty obvious this is where I belong.

Fast forward to today. I still guide(a lot) along with the rest of the 6 guides. I doubt that will ever change. Being on the water brings great joy into my life. Today we are very busy and so both my wife Louise and I work together to run the show. I have high standards for being a service provider and host. Being in 2nd place for me means it can be done better. That’s why so many of our clients and filming shows return to fish exclusively with our guides.

Regardless if it’s first contact with us or when you’re on the water with your guide, we will always strive to deliver a ‘Better Sport Fishing Experience!’

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The Silversides team of Fishing Guides

We only hire the best we can find even if it means postponing bringing on new team members.

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Assistant Guide

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Assistant Guide

Our primary goal is to be excellent, not big.


The qualification of being honest and having strong moral principles…
At Silversides we have made a personal choice to hold our business actions to a high moral level. This means we believe in sincere and honest customer satisfaction. After all without happy customers we are nothing. We also implement etiquette and safety when operating our guide service and boats. We feel that being professional is a corner stone of Integrity!


We know people expect the best when they pay for our services.
That’s why we are not willing to accept anything less than a 5 Star review. It makes our skin crawl if someone is unhappy. That’s why we have a VERY high Tripadvisor rating.


Action = Reward
Would you really trust someone who doesn’t stand up for their resource? We have consistently for years been on the front lines to protect our rivers and wild fish. Sadly we are a rare breed. Apathy has taken hold of our industry and we don’t like that one bit. We give financially to groups that work to protect our wild Salmon and Steelhead. We go to rallies, we write letters, we educate and challenge people. We just can’t find a reason to not look out for our kids future when it comes to looking after what looks after them!


Fearless dedication. Experience. Knowledge.
We love to win and we love it when you win! It means we’ve done our job and everyones happy. If you’ve ever heard the expression “good enough is never ‘good enough’” then we’re on the same page. It’s why we stop at nothing to pursue the best baits, the best rods and reels, the best fishing guides and certainly the best results. We are quite confident that you will always be on a winning boat. Our repeat clientel will tell you.

Solid 5 Star Tripadvisor Rating!

A little more on protecting our resource

Silversides Fishing Adventures believes that being pro active in preventing and removing threats to wild fish populations is key to ensuring their survival for us and future generations.

Unfortunately many companies and government offices don’t take this belief seriously and continually put our wild salmon at risk for the sake of shareholder profits. We believe this is unacceptable!

This is why we spend a good amount of time working with such organizations as The Department of Wild Salmon run by leading expert and salmon biologist Alexandra Morton. Alex and the thousands of BC citizens work creatively to remove the biggest identified threat to our wild salmon: open pen salmon feedlots otherwise known as salmon farms. The manner in which farmed salmon are raised is very un-natural and helps to spread lethal non native diseases to migrating wild salmon which eventually kill them before they can successfully spawn in their home river. BC wwild salmon are the lifeblood of our province and we will do whatever we can to ensure their continued survival. Watch the award winning documentary Salmon Confidential to learn more.

We also work with the BC Steelhead Society by helping them financially so they can do their field work of habitat restoration on many rivers in British Columbia such as some key tributaries of the famous Thompson river where huge wild Steelhead return every Fall. Wherever there is a need to stand up for our wild Salmon, Trout or Sturgeon we will be there whenever possible! We love our fish and have a deep passion to make sure future generations can enjoy them too.

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Please contact us to get answers on your BC fishing adventure or trip planning. We reply same day, usually within the hour.

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