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Silversides Fishing Adventures believes that being pro active in preventing and removing threats to wild fish populations is key to ensuring their survival for us and future generations. Unfortunately many companies and government offices don’t take this belief seriously and continually put our wild salmon at risk for the sake of shareholder profits. We believe this is unacceptable! This is why we spend a good amount of time working with such organizations as The Department of Wild Salmon run by leading expert and salmon biologist Alexandra Morton. Alex and the thousands of BC citizens work creatively to remove the biggest identified threat to our wild salmon: open pen salmon feedlots otherwise known as salmon farms. The manner in which farmed salmon are raised is very un-natural and helps to spread lethal non native diseases to migrating wild salmon which eventually kill them before they can successfully spawn in their home river. BC wwild salmon are the lifeblood of our province and we will do whatever we can to ensure their continued survival. Watch the award winning documentary Salmon Confidential to learn more. We also work with the BC Steelhead Society by helping them financially so they can do their field work of habitat restoration on many rivers in British Columbia such as some key tributaries of the famous Thompson river where huge wild Steelhead return every Fall. Wherever there is a need to stand up for our wild Salmon, Trout or Sturgeon we will be there whenever possible! We love our fish and have a deep passion to make sure future generations can enjoy them too.

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