Guided Steelhead Fishing

Guided Steelhead Fishing in Vancouver is only available Dec 15 – late April on the Vedder/Chilliwack River or Squamish River. steelhead fly fishing, steelhead, steelhead fishing, steelhead report, vedder report, vedder steelhead report, steelhead report vedder river, fishing report vedder   Steelhead fishing in March and April offers some amazing results like this beauty caught on one of our guided fly fishing trips on the Chilliwack River March 22, 2017.


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The rush of Steelhead Fishing!

Accelerate your heart rate with a slab of chrome twisting and thrashing at the end of your line!

There’s a reason why Steelhead are called ‘river rockets’ or ‘the fish of a thousand casts’. Challenging to get but once you hook one the thrill is on and the adrenaline up! Our guided Vedder river Steelhead fishing & Squamish river Steelhead fly fishing trips give you a seriously good shot at tying into a slab of chrome! Either river is within 1 hour from Vancouver BC. And a thousand casts isn’t really needed when you go with one of our professional guides. If you are staying in downtown Vancouver we offer free hotel pickup including all equipment and lunch on all our Steelhead trips.

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Why choose our Steelhead guides?

If you want a successful guided Steelhead fishing trip you need to go with a certified river addict. Our guides live for Steelhead fishing. It’s an obsession that we cannot stop and thus the countless hours of perfecting every aspect of this unique fishery. Since we began Steelhead fishing in the early 90’s they have fallen prey to our ways. Our team of river rats will give you every advantage possible so that you’ll hook up.

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Silversides owner Brian Mack has been Steelhead fishing in Vancouver BC and the Fraser river valley since the early 90’s. We have acquired a lot of know how in Steelhead behavior and biting habits. Our newer guide Jason is a hot rod for Vedder river Steelhead. If you’re looking to hook into a metal head we can certainly help you.

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Big Chilliwack river Steelhead

About our Steelhead fishing addiction

Pursuing Steelhead is really a hunt combined with great scenery and fresh air!

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The BC Steelhead fishing addiction runs deep in our souls. We know it all too well. It’s January and it’s wet and cold, possibly snowing. You wake up at 5 am and all you can think about is hitting the river and hooking up with a bar of chrome! Sound crazy? Not if you’re addicted to hooking explosive over sized Rainbow Trout that can reach 25 lbs in a wild BC river. BC Steelhead have earned their reputation as a premier fighting fish of our rivers. They are a true Rainbow trout that is born in the river much like a salmon and then spends 2-3 years in the Pacific Ocean and grows up big! Then they return to their native river to reproduce another generation. They fight hard and fast, jumping and ripping line from your reel in an attempt for freedom. Everyone has a story of breaking off fish or losing the big one. It keeps you coming back for more.

Where and when do we provide guided Steelhead trips?

In the Vancouver area there are a few excellent rivers for Steelhead fishing. Vedder river Steelhead season runs from mid December to late April. Squamish river Steelhead fishing is from early March to early May. Winter run Steelhead season here is from mid December to early May. Contact us to book your BC Steelhead fishing guide or Steelhead fishing package.

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We also provide Steelhead fishing lessons

Private 1 on 1 lessons so you can master the art before you have spent thousands on gas, equipment and valuable time. You’ll be taught everything from how to read a river to bait/lure selection. Fill in the Contact form to inquire.

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Rates for Steelhead trips:

Full service Steelhead trip:    $525 for single,  $725 for 2 ppl includes 8hrs fishing, hotel pickup, all equipment including waders/boots and organic lunch. Tax and license extra. ***  Need Steelhead fishing lessons? Get the best possible teaching on the river by calling us or filling out the Contact form. Boycott being skunked!

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Vedder River Steelhead Fishing trips

Vedder River Steelhead available late December – mid April

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Vedder River Steelhead Guide Jay

Vedder river Steelhead fishing is popular due to it’s very successful hatchery program which allows anglers to retain 1 fin clipped fish per day. There is also a healthy population of wild Steelhead. The Vedder river is 60 minutes due east of downtown Vancouver, BC. We have fished the Vedder river for 20 years and our Steelhead guides enjoy a high success rate here. Average size Steelhead in the Vedder are 10-12 lbs but we have taken fish up to 25 lbs. Vedder river Steelhead fishing lessons are in popular demand and Brian is a excellent teacher. He will go over all the basic skills required for Steelhead fishing success. You’ll be taught how to read a river, presentation, lure and bait choices, equipment options plus a lot more. You can learn more about Steelhead fishing in 1 day with a guide than 2 or 3 years on the river by yourself. It’s a great investment and time saver!

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Vedder Steelhead action video

Squamish River Steelhead Fishing trips

Available early March to early May

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Squamish River Steelhead caught Fly Fishing

BC Steelhead fishing on the Squamish river offers unparalleled scenery and perfect Steelhead fly fishing water. Steelhead fly fishing offers every angler the challenge and thrill of hooking into one of the most sought after freshwater game fish on the planet. Many anglers dreams come true on this river, some the very first time when we are guiding them! The prize of chrome is very hard to resist. This is what Vancouver Steelhead fishing is all about. The Squamish river is just 60 minutes Northwest of downtown Vancouver and enroute to Whistler. It’s tightly nestled between high snowcapped mountains in a rich river valley stuffed with trees and wildlife. It’s a real pleasure to go flyfishing on this gorgeous wild river! Our BC Steelhead Fishing guides know the river inside out and enjoy one of the highest success rates here! One of the many attractions of the Squamish river is it’s excellent Bull trout fly fishing, Cutthroat trout & Rainbow trout fly fishing. There’s also some great Salmon Fly Fishing on the Squamish river from late July to November.

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