Silversides commitment to Clean Water & environmental stewardship

Everyone can get it that fish need healthy water to survive and flourish.

After all you or us would not be able to enjoy sport fishing if it were not for clean water, rivers and lakes. So the team at Silversides offers it’s support for these water and fish protectors through donations and through education.

Please join us and help these key groups defend water, fish and environmental justice. Clean water is a basic human right that we all need to survive.

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We support the following 3 groups

Standing Rock Tribe

North Dakota, click HERE to support

Illegal and immoral, the DAPL threatens the drinking water of millions downstream of the Missouri River for over 1,000 miles. Violence against the Sioux First Nations in North Dakota violates International law and the USA Bill of Rights.


Unist’ot’en Camp, Skeena River watershed British Columbia.

Click HERE to donate.

The Skeena River and it’s wild Salmon and Steelhead populations are under direct threat from proposed Tarsands and LNG pipelines that will spell a iminent death to this world famous river as it crosses hundreds of pristine tributaries of the Skeena. This is unacceptable.

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Help the Lax U’u’la

to prevent the destruction of the Skeena River delta, nursing grounds to hundreds of million of juvenille Wild Salmon.

click HERE to donate.

The Skeena River estuary is home to millions of fragile baby wild salmon. The BC government and Petronas are violating Canadian and International laws to build a liquified LNG plant here that will spell doom and suffering for First Nations and the huge sport fishing community that exists here. This is a massive crime against humanity and must be stopped.

Thanks for sharing your concern and good will towards these essential needs.