Due to the reported incidence of post Covid shot spike protein shedding our policy is to protect both our staff and guests.

Our source of medical information is right below. As we are not medical experts we have chosen to follow the advice of several experts in the field.

There are several reports of people becoming ill and injured due to the shedding of ‘spike proteins’ after taking the shot. Because of this we want to take a safe precautionary stance. Plus insurers are not covering any harm caused by ‘communicable diseases’ or the likes of. Liability now falls on the individual, not the insurer. For this reason we require that each person wait 4 weeks after receiving the shot before boarding our boats or vehicles.

*** By reading this Notice of Liability you have agreed to such terms. ***

Thanks from the management of Silversides Fishing Adventures, Vancouver BC.



Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Ryan Cole

Dr Mike Yeadon

Canadian lawyer Rocco Galati

Our Covid-19 Policy

Our cancellation policy is near the bottom of this page.

We are OPEN and want your business for 2021!

As with any flu virus we just have one requirement from our guests. If you are sick – stay home. Otherwise you are welcome aboard.

Client Requirements:

  • Masks are optional. The Emergency Order was cancelled on June 30 in BC.

  • We will NEVER require proof of any medical procedure or vaccine passport because it is illegal.

  • Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or any flu symptoms is not allowed on our boats or vehicles.

  • When you are at the public marina or dock please respect others who want to stay 6 feet apart.


Charter provider responsibilities

  • Our boats and equipment are regularly cleaned with Spray 9. Nuff said.

  • We are not allowed to provide food on any charters. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • If we get sick and cannot provide the charter we will refund the price of your charter for each respective day we cannot provide our services. Or arrange a different date(s).


Enjoy your time on the water!

FAQ: Can Canadians freely travel within their own country?

What the Charter says:

Section 6(2)’s right to “move and take up residence in any province” implies that Canadian citizens have the right to travel freely throughout the country. Canadians have consistently had the right to inter-provincial travel since the adoption of the Charter. Government efforts to stop free travel in Canada are unprecedented and are a clear violation of this section.

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Cancellations, Deposits and COVID-19

This situation is difficult for all of us and we want to handle this in the best possible way including the financial hardship it is creating for you and ourselves.

Cancellation Policy for 2021:

1. Deposits and full payments are non refundable until further notice. See how we are trying to help below. Refunds on cancelled trips will no longer be available due to the exacerbation of funds due to Covid-19 effects on our tourism business. However we will certainly allow for rescheduling with no additional fees. Customers will have 1 year to re schedule their charter.

How we are helping:

2. Due to the uncertainty of the current dilemma we will try to make life easier for our clients by reducing our non-refundable deposit requirements from 25% of trip value to $100 per day. If you need to cancel your charter due to the COVID-19 situation this will help reduce your losses.

We will invoice for the balance of your trip 30 days prior to your arrival. Any uncertainty regarding travel should be clear by then.

Thank you for understanding this unfortunate event. We truly wish everyone the best health.

Brian Mack & crew.

How you can help us –

Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards or certificates is a direct and safe way of helping tourism based companies weather this storm. These purchases put much needed cash in the register now, without requiring any other actions. Think of it as investing in both your and ours fishing future.

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