About re opening our charters

Note: there’s talk that fishing charters will be allowed to proceed in the very near future but exact dates are still being worked out. Many fishing advocacy groups are pushing the health authorities to open up fishing charters asap.


For all charters during the months of May/June we will be limiting the number of guests to a max of 2 per boat until we get the green light to loosen distancing measures. Conservation officers and police are handing out plenty of tickets for $1,000 fines. Seems very mean spirited given that many people have lost their income.


Until further notice all charter guests will be required to wear a face mask and gloves. And bring your own hand sanitizer.

Silversides COVID-19 Policy

As a past, present, or prospective guest of Silversides, you’re a part of our family and you should know that the health and safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. For Everyone’s benefit we are implementing our own COVID-19 safety policy. This policy is based on the most recent recommendations from our local medical professionals. This situation is difficult for all of us and we want to handle this in the best possible way including the financial hardship it is creating for you and ourselves.

Travel Restrictions:

Recently, due to the uncertain nature of the spread of the coronavirus resulting in an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, travel restrictions, and shelter in place orders, many travellers are understandably concerned. For this reason, we STRONGLY advise all travellers to purchase a travel protection plan that will cover you in the event you or a family member become ill and cannot travel. However, it’s important to know most policies will not cover other disruptions to travel caused by the Coronavirus, including cancelled flights or airport closures.

Cancellation of trips booked for 2020:

Refunds on cancelled trips will not be available in a timely manner due to the exacerbation of funds due to Covid-19 effects on our tourism business. For those who definitely cannot follow through with their charter dates or simply are unable to reschedule we will do our best to refund your money.

>> We strongly recommend to move your dates ahead to a time when life returns to normal.

In the primary interest of protecting the health and safety of our guests and employees, and in an effort to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we decided that the cancellation or postponement of any trips that cannot sufficiently practice social distancing through the end of May was the most responsible decision at this time. Please ask us directly if your trip meets the requirements of safe social distancing.

This was not a determination we made lightly. Like many in the hospitality and tourism industry, our small family-owned business will be hit hard by this. Very hard. We know this is likely a difficult time for you as well and it’s our desire to do right by our valued guests.

While acknowledging that in past cases a refund (less non refundable deposits if applicable, and non recoverable bank fees or the likes thereof) is among your options when Silversides cancels or postpones a trip, we’re asking our guests to consider transferring trip payments toward a future Silversides trip, which will help our company and our employees weather this unprecedented storm.



  • All our charters are and have always been private meaning you won’t be sharing the boat or vehicle with strangers.

  • We regularly clean our boats interior with ‘Spray 9‘ which is deadly to many known viruses.

  • Captains and guides will wear gloves and face protection


The following precautions and policies will be in place starting March 14, 2020 until further notice:

1. Anyone who is currently showing or has recently showed signs or symptoms of the flu or cold within the last 4 weeks prior to your charter is not permitted to partake in any of our charters. No exceptions.

2. We will follow recommendations by medical professionals regarding safe and responsible transmission reduction protocols. We won’t be shaking hands and other such actions that can spread the virus more effectively. Guides may wear face masks. Of course they will look cool and perhaps even look like a bandit and not a doctor.

3. Regarding cancellations due to travel bans and other imposed restrictions we will be more than happy to allow people to re-schedule their charter at a later date at no extra cost. We have always had a no refund policy on deposits(25%). This remains in place. Refunds of payments over the 25% threshold will be at the discretion of management.

4. Due to the uncertainty of the current dilemma we will try to make life easier for our clients by reducing our non-refundable deposit requirements from 25% of trip value to $100 per day. If you need to cancel your charter due to the COVID-19 situation this will help reduce your losses. Policy #3 will remain in place for all clients.

5. Until this unfortunate situation passes we will not be accepting bookings from countries or regions where infection rates are significant. We will use reliable data to make this call.

6. In the event that your guide is sick we will not allow him to take you on your charter. We will try and provide a healthy guide but if we cannot find a replacement on such short notice we will refund you the price you paid for your fishing charter.

7. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation we reserve the right to update and change this policy at any time to keep our staff and yourselves safe and healthy.

What you can do to help us: wear gloves and bring your own hand sanitizer. No aerosol products are allowed.

Thank you for understanding this unfortunate event. We truly wish everyone the best health.

Brian Mack & crew.

How you can help us –

Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards or certificates is a direct and safe way of helping tourism based companies weather this storm. These purchases put much needed cash in the register now, without requiring any other actions. Think of it as investing in both your and ours fishing future.

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