Our Covid-19 Policy

Our cancellation policy is near the bottom of this page.

We re Opened June 7, 2020 and as of January 2021 everyone has been healthy because we are playing it safe!

It is our top priority to help reduce the transmission of Covid and thus to keep you and our staff healthy and feeling secure.

Client Requirements:

  • We ask that you respect the rules that we have been asked to abide by.

  • Until further notice all guests must wear a face mask. You are required to bring your own face mask. These could be the store bought ones, a bandana etc. Masks are required to be worn at all times when it is impossible to maintain a 2 meter distancing from the charter captain or people outside your known circle

  • Each guest is required to bring their own hand towel and sanitizer.

  • Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, which primarily displays as a persistent cough, will not be permitted on our vessels. If you are sick, stay home.

  • You must not travel or come to our facility or business if you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If you need to sneeze or cough please do so into your elbow or towel.

  • Food and beverage sharing is strongly discouraged.

  • Please make sure to minimize and simplify what you bring on board the boat. This will help to reduce or eliminate potential cross contamination.

  • Customers are asked and reminded to maintain ‘Social distancing” on the dock.


Charter provider responsibilities and requirements

  • All exposed areas on the boat will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized prior to the charter.

  • We are not allowed to provide food on any charters until further notice. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • Providing waders on jet boat trips is a tricky situation because they are a common shared item and not that easy to clean between uses. For Sturgeon charters from May to September please just wear shorts and shoes that are water friendly just in case.

  • Clients will be asked to bring out their own PPE and use it, this includes a minimum of a face masks and hand towel to dry their hands. (Gloves and eye protection is optional).

  • Clients will be debriefed on how to best optimize physical distancing. This will include but not be limited to; the best area to sit/stand and procedures for where to stand and deal with the catching of fish.

  • If we get sick and cannot provide the charter we will refund the price of your charter for each respective day we cannot provide our services.


Let’s be safe out on the water!

Cancellations, Deposits and COVID-19

This situation is difficult for all of us and we want to handle this in the best possible way including the financial hardship it is creating for you and ourselves.

Cancellation Policy for 2021:

1. Deposits and full payments are non refundable until further notice. Refunds on cancelled trips will no longer be available due to the exacerbation of funds due to Covid-19 effects on our tourism business. However we will certainly allow for rescheduling with no additional fees. Customers will have 1 year to re schedule their charter.

2. Due to the uncertainty of the current dilemma we will try to make life easier for our clients by reducing our non-refundable deposit requirements from 25% of trip value to $100 per day. If you need to cancel your charter due to the COVID-19 situation this will help reduce your losses.

Thank you for understanding this unfortunate event. We truly wish everyone the best health.

Brian Mack & crew.

How you can help us –

Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards or certificates is a direct and safe way of helping tourism based companies weather this storm. These purchases put much needed cash in the register now, without requiring any other actions. Think of it as investing in both your and ours fishing future.

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