Sockeye Salmon Fishing charters on the Fraser river

60 minutes east of Vancouver BC

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Sockeye fishing on the Fraser River near Chilliwack

Fraser River Sockeye Salmon might be open in August 2018, BUT we won’t find out until late July as usual. This is a potential major Fraser River Fishing event! 2018 is a high cycle year for Fraser Sockeye and we are keeping our fingers crossed. 2010 was record breaking, 2014 was also amazing and so 2018 could be great.

Fraser Sockeye fishing coincides with some of the best Sturgeon fishing on the planet! Even if Sockeye are closed you’ll want to try the fantastic Sturgeon fishing from March – November.

Sockeye have a evil nemesis in the Pacific Northwest: Atlantic Salmon farming in British Columbia that spreads 2 lethal diseases(ISA and Piscine reovirus) into our ocean. Read More. Sockeye are very vulnerable to these diseases. Government is totally sold out and corrupt and won’t do anything. ONLY YOU CAN HELP. Stop eating farmed salmon, also sold as Atlantic, Norwegian, Scottish to name a few. It is used in over 99% of North American sushi bars and seafood restaurants and widely sold in major food stores. The bottom line is if it’s not labelled as ‘wild’ it will be the toxic imposter.

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Sockeye Salmon charters require our 20 – 22 foot jet boats and depart from either Mission or Chilliwack BC. When we have openings for Sockeye salmon you should expect rather easy fishing along the many gravel bars in the Chilliwack area. Sockeye are easily hooked using the ‘bottom bouncing’ method. A method practiced widely on all large rivers from BC to Alaska where Sockeye return.

Head guide Brian Mack has been fishing for Fraser river Sockeye since the early 90’s when only a handful of anglers could be found on the river.

Rates for all Fraser River Salmon charters:

6 hrs 2 anglers $560

8 hrs 2 anglers $725

add $60 for each additional person(max 4 ppl/boat)

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A major Sockeye event in BC is the Adams river where millions of Sockeye return to spawn. The Adam’s river Sockeye salmon return is a world famous tourist attraction!

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