Sockeye Salmon Fishing charters on the Fraser river

Sockeye Salmon might not be open in 2017, BUT there is some great fishing for Chinooks, Pinks, Chum & Coho as usual starting in later August on the Fraser river.

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sockeye salmon fishing, fraser river sockeye Sockeye Salmon charters depart from either Mission or Chilliwack. Sockeye salmon fishing on the Fraser river has become a real favorite of local residents and anglers for 2 simple reason: They taste awesome! And the second reason might be they are easy to catch when there’s a Sockeye salmon opening. Fraser river fishing for Sockeye is a world known hotspot! We provide Sockeye salmon fishing trips on the Fraser river in the Chilliwack to Agassiz area. This section of the Fraser river offers prime gravel bars where Sockeye are easily hooked using the ‘bottom bouncing’ method. Fraser river Sockeye are notorious for not biting and thus bottom bouncing was invented. This technique will hook the fish in the mouth while it swims upstream. It’s a method practiced widely on all large rivers from BC to Alaska where Sockeye return. Catching Fraser Sockeye in the valley area ensures that the fish are in prime condition and at their peak of taste. Head guide Brian Mack has been fishing for Fraser river Sockeye since the early 90’s when only a handful of anglers could be found on the river.

Rates for all Fraser River Salmon charters:

6 hrs 2 anglers $560  ♦  8 hrs 2 anglers $725  add $60 for each additional person(max 4 ppl/boat)

Fraser Sockeye fishing coincides with some of the best Sturgeon fishing on the planet! Even if Sockeye are closed you’ll want to try the fantastic Sturgeon fishing from July – November.

Fraser river Sockeye salmon are world famous for their taste and their ability to survive harsh river conditions as they migrate upstream to spawn in many tributaries. One famous tributary is the Adams river where millions of Sockeye return to spawn. The Adam’s river Sockeye salmon return is a world famous tourist attraction!

Sockeye salmon openings on the Fraser river are dependent on the numbers of fish returning that year. Based on the numbers of successful spawners in 2014 we believe that Sockeye will probably be open on the Fraser river in August 2018. Sockeye openings are usually announced around mid to late July.

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Fun Sockeye fact: Some sockeye returning to the Stuart River(a tributary of the Fraser river) travel almost 1100 kilometers upstream to their home waters. During this time they can absorb up to 96% of thier fat and 56% of their protein reserves.

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