Fly Fishing Lessons

Only Available from January to April

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Learn fly fishing properly

Silversides has been providing fly fishing lessons to Vancouver BC anglers for over 10 years! We are proud of our clients high succes rates in quickly developing the proper skills and techniques in presenting flies to Salmon, Steelhead & Trout. Our Fly Fishing lessons teach you proper casting mechanics allowing you to cast further and effectively. What you can learn with our fly fishing lessons will save you years of frustration and money.

Our fly fishing lessons will take you through all the basic fundamentals. We’ll help you identify any improper casting dynamics you may have and show you the proper ones. Most people come out at the end of the day with a vast improvement in their abilities.

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Why our Fly Fishing Lessons will give you the edge

Catching Salmon, Steelhead or Trout on the fly requires precise skills which include presentation and proper casting. Without this you’re going to get easily frustrated and hookups will only be a dream. We want to share our skills with you and help you enjoy the beautiful art of fly fishing! Our experience with Salmon fly fishing and Trout Fly fishing goes back to the very early 90’s. We’ve spent countless hours on local rivers and lakes mastering proper fly casting techniques and we’ve caught a ton of fish too! We’ve studied the physics of fly casting and have a profound understanding of what makes a good cast and what makes a bad one. We will be able to help you understand the difference when you book fly fishing lessons with our pro staff. Our newest fly fishing guide Jason G has a very impressive resume with fly fishing. Jason represented Canada at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championship in France in July 2012, placed 33rd in the world and top Canadian. He also represented Canada at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championship in Ireland in July 2013, placed 20th in the world and top Canadian. We believe his skills and abilities to provide the best fly fishing lessons will greatly improve your fly fishing and casting abilities.

Spey Casting Lessons aka Double handed fly casting

Jason G is our master of Spey rod fly fishing also known as Double handed fly casting! He will be able to show you everything you need for Spey casting success. You will learn the basics of rod and line selection, how to cast properly, casting styles such as the ‘Snap T’ and D loop, proper swing and drift, presentation, distance, and more. You’ll walk away with a good knowledge base to improve your game!

What to expect on our Fly Fishing Lessons clinic

A good instructor must have patience and also be able to communicate the science behind proper fly fishing techniques. We are constantly reminded by our clients that we provide just such services. We believe that our style will allow you to master fly fishing at the best possible rate. What you will learn is the physics(science) behind what makes a good cast and what makes a bad one, mending, swinging the fly, when to retrieve and how to pickup the line. When all these techniques are practised correctly you will discover how effortless it is to cast a fly line!

Fly Fishing Lessons for:

  • River fly fishing
  • Lake fly fishing
  • Double handed – Spey casting
  • Single hand


1 on 1 instruction on either the Vedder or Squamish River ………….. $349 + tax

You are responsible to supply your own rod/reel and waders. Add $50 for us to supply this.

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