Guided Trout Fly Fishing trips in Vancouver BC

Trout Fly Fishing is available November to end of June

Silversides is the authority for Guided Trout Fly Fishing trips in the Vancouver BC area. Rely on our 20 years of experience, deep passion and hardcore desire to be the best at what we do. Our clients have a very high success and satisfaction rate. Our guides will show you a paradise of beautiful scenery and rivers full of Trout. If your line isn’t going tight, nobody’s is!

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Playing a large Bull Trout near Vancouver BC

Trout Fly Fishing Guides for

  • Bull Trout & Dolly Varden
  • Steelhead Trout
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Cutthroat Trout

The incredible Trout fly fishing in BC is just one of the reasons so many anglers love Vancouver Fishing! The scenery along our rivers and high country lakes region is also impressive! Our vast experience in Trout fly fishing on our wild BC rivers and lakes is your key to tight lines! Our Trout fly fishing guide service specializes in serving guests at downtown Vancouver hotels as well as Trout fly fishing packages with lodging. We have been doing that since the late 90’s and many of the hotel concierge have trusted us for years. Our multi day Trout fly fishing packages with guide and cabin lodging allow you to peacefully flyfish wilderness lakes or rivers. All the great wilderness scenery and fly fishing is par for the course! We guide for Trout on the famous upper Pitt river, Squamish river, Harrison river, Fraser river, Vedder-Chilliwack river and many other rivers in our area. Southwest British Columbia is blessed with some really nice wilderness lakes where large Rainbow trout to 10 lbs await your fly. The upper Pitt River is well known for amazing Bull Trout fly fishing from late May to early July. The Squamish river holds excellent numbers of Bull trout, Rainbow trout and Cutthroat trout and is a prime choice for March-April flyfishing.

Bull Trout fly fishing in BC

Available November – December & March to early July

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Bull Trout here get Big!

Squamish River trips

Bull Trout fly fishing is our most popular Trout fly fishing request. Best times for guided Bull Trout Fly Fishing on the Squamish river near Vancouver BC are March to early May, and again in November – December. Squamish river Bull’s average 18 – 20 inches or about 1.5 – 2.5 lbs but we get them up to 10 lbs here every year. The Squamish river is ideal for walk and wade fly fishing trips that come with all equipment, organic lunch and free pickup from downtown Vancouver.

Rates: 1 angler $450, 2 anglers $550

Pitt River jet boat trips

Available late May to early July only(conditions permitting)

The famous upper Pitt river offers world class fly fishing for Bull Trout that can go over 15 lbs. Most upper Pitt river Bull Trout average 20-24 inches or about 2-5 lbs and there’s lots of them when conditions are right. The upper Pitt river is located at the north end of Pitt lake(tributary of the Fraser river) via a 35 minute jet boat ride up the lake from the boat launch. Total travel time from downtown Vancouver to the upper Pitt is about 1.5 hours. The scenery on Pitt lake and the upper Pitt is stunning and you’ll think you were days from the nearest city! Best times for upper Pitt river Bull trout is June to early July.

Rates: 1 angler $700, 2 anglers $800, 3 anglers $900

Stillwater Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing trips

Available May – June only

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Plenty of nice Rainbow Trout

Rates: 1 angler $750, 2 anglers $850 includes hotel pickup, lunch, all equipment

Rainbow Trout stillwater fly fishing is very productive on BC’s interior lakes 2.5 hours east of Vancouver. Best times are May – June. Best methods are midge fishing with a strike indicator. It’s a deadly method that has produced over 50 fish per day for some clients. We consistently out fish everyone every time we use this method. These lakes are tucked away in the higher country pine tree forests of BC’s interior. Although it involves plenty of driving, a day trip is possible. We do however recommend overnight or multi day packages. This will allow you to fish more and unwind in the solitude and scenery rich BC interior.

Our Rainbow Trout lakes that we specifically guide on are known for holding good size trout all the way to 15 lbs, however average sizes tend to be 16 – 24 inches or 1 to 5 lbs. BC Rainbow Trout are great fighters and expect ‘airtime’ and good runs! The lakes we fly fish on are the perfect size for float tubes also known as ‘belly boats’ or ‘pontoon boats’ such as the Outcast ‘Super Fat Cat’ or similar.

Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing in Vancouver

Cutties are in all our rivers and sloughs throughout the Fraser river valley and Squamish river valley. They are the gentle trout. Not often big but good biters if you can find them. Best times for Cutthroat trout fly fishing is March to early May and sometimes November – December.

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