The Oktoberfest of Salmon and Sturgeon fishing!

Hooking big White Sturgeon and lots of Salmon in October is easier than taking candy from a baby

The abundance of Salmon

Ever dreamed of going Salmon Fishing in a place where it’s almost too easy? Well, this is it. It boils down to an abundance of fish and knowing the timing. And fishing is all about timing, and having a experenced guide. So what makes October(and into November) so good? Chum Salmon is the answer. Lots of Chum Salmon. And there’s Coho too but it’s all about the Chums. Chum’s return to spawn every Fall starting around October 1st.

2017 Chum Salmon returns forecast to be possible record breaking! Read Article.

The Chum salmon will keep pouring into the Fraser River Valley until late November. They are very prolific and aggressive biters. But what makes Chum salmon fishing so appealing is they trigger a feeding frenzy in the White Sturgeon population of the Fraser River. So it’s very easy to hook up with a ton of Salmon and then go play with some dinosaurs who will dish out some punishing battles!

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Arms get sore in October!

Catch Salmon and giant White Sturgeon on the same day!

Chum’s fight tough. They are the brutes of the Pacific salmon kingdom. Combine that with endless hookups for several hours and you’ve got guys complaining of sore arms. But it’s a happy pain! We routinely see our guests hook into 20, 30 and 40 Chums each in a day on the river.

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Intense Sturgeon Fishing!

But the Sturgeon fishing is equally as good. It’s normal to hook up with a 7 foot beast within the first few minutes of your charter. Then you’ll be fighting that beast for 30 plus minutes, take it to shore for a nice photo and back to repeat the scenario all over.


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They come from everywhere

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Filming a TV show in October

Our angling clients come from all over the world to experience this epic fishing. Even sport fishing TV shows travel here to get some wicked footage with us. Anglers from Europe love fishing here with us, but they also travel from Australia, Japan, USA, and all across Canada.

It’s important to book early for this first class fishery

Due to the popularity and insanely good fishing it is advisable to secure your dates in advance. Multi day packages are the most popular. Our packages include lodging at the Mission Best Western Plus and guided fishing including all tackle and waders. Your lodging is only 2 minutes from the Fraser River and our top name aluminum jet boats. We can also provide airport transfers and daily transfers between the hotel and the marina.

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