2017’s Best Fishing Opportunities – Fraser Valley & Vancouver

Here’s what to look forward to for our guided sport fishing in 2017

The team at Silversides looks forward to seeing you in our 21st season(2017). Fishing opportunities in the Fraser River Valley and Vancouver, British Columbia are exceptional, numerous and multi seasonal. Our select team of highly experienced guides consistently provide ‘top of the line’ results for our valued guests. There are so many fine fishing options that exist here from Big game Sturgeon fishing to light tackle fly fishing. This article will help you choose the right guided trip for your next adventure.

Featured fishing you can confidently book for in the 2017 season for the Fraser River Valley and Vancouver BC area are:

  • Bull Trout on the Squamish River in March & April
  • Steelhead on the Vedder River in Feb & March
  • Fraser River Sturgeon from April to November
  • Pink Salmon Fly Fishing on the Squamish River July 15 to August 30(this is world class action)
  • Fraser River Pink Salmon from September 1 – 25(easy fishing!)
  • Fraser River Valley Chum Salmon from October 4 – Nov 20(huge numbers of fish!)

Read the 2017 Salmon Forecast for Good News!

Listed below in chronological order:

Bull Trout Flyfishing on the Squamish River

Available early March to late April. A real gem of a river with stunning scenery and perfect fly water that yields great results.

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Fat Squamish river Bull Trout

Every year this river has some very fine Bull Trout numbers in the Spring. Squamish Bull Trout are here in big numbers for one reason only and that is to scarf down on the huge numbers of emerging Salmon fry. Spring 2017 should be an excellent time because we had a rather large Chum Salmon return here in the Autumn of 2016. So there will be a lot of salmon fry migrating downstream in March & April. Opportunistic and greedy Bull Trout will be gorging  at this time. We will be prepared to fool them with the appropriate flies. It never fails. Fish will be hooked and plenty of them! Expect catches in the 2-4 lb range with possibilities of 8 pounds plus. Multi day packages with lodging near the river are popular.

By catches of Steelhead are also possible and happen quite often.

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Vedder River Steelhead Fishing Trips

Best times are late Jan to late March. A good combo of wild and hatchery fish.

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Typical Vedder River Steelhead

Steelhead are the signature fish of British Columbia. Chrome, fast and bragging rights are a few words to describe them. This is a pursuit fishery. If you love to cover water, walk through trails and experience the thrill of hooking up with a more challenging species then this will do just fine. This is why hooking into a Steelhead drives the heart rate and adrenaline through the roof! Vedder River Steelhead fishing works best with the float fishing method and if you are skilled with a fly rod that works too. We cover all kinds of water from boulder runs to long slower deeper runs. Vedder Steelhead average 10 – 12 lbs but go up to 24 lbs. Multi day packages with lodging near the river are available as are single day trips.


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Fraser River White Sturgeon

Update: April Sturgeon fishing is currently on fire! Book our Sturgeon Deal today and SAVE Big.

Best times are April to mid November. The ultimate Big Game river fishing experience with 100% success rates!

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Sturgeon love to jump!

Unless you have gone Sturgeon fishing before, nothing can prepare you for the sheer brute strength of these living dinosaurs. Battles typically contain long screaming runs, tail walking jumps and intense showdowns of the highest calibre. We recommend you visit our Sturgeon Fishing page to view more info and watch some videos.

Anglers from Canada, Europe, South America, USA and Japan to name a few visit us each year to partake in this exciting Catch & Release fishery. Most will book one of our multi day packages complete with lodging just 3 minutes from the dock on the Fraser River in Mission, BC. The White Sturgeon capital of Earth.

The hottest Sturgeon fishing happens:

Fraser river Sturgeon fishing will be particularly mind blowing in the first 3 weeks of September this year and again from October 7 to mid November. These times coincide with huge runs of wild Salmon that trigger aggressive feeding behaviour. And yes you can catch Salmon and huge Sturgeon easily in the same day!

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Pink Salmon Fly Fishing – Squamish River BC

Available July 15 to Aug 20, 2017

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Beautiful Squamish river Pink salmon

The Squamish River gets stuffed with a huge return of Pink Salmon every odd numbered year in July-August. We only provide flyfishing trips here. Fishing is so easy here that beginners have hooked into well over 50 fish in under 8 hours! Skilled fly fishers can hook into 100 fish per day.

We provide single day trips here from downtown Vancouver or multi day packages with lodging. Lodging choices are riverside cabins or a Squamish hotel. We’ll help you with booking your lodging and can provide transfers from Vancouver. Book soon if you want space at the riverside cabins.

Check out our Squamish River packages page.

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Fraser River Pink Salmon Fishing

Best times are September 1 to 25

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Fraser River Valley Pinks are fun!

The Fraser river Pink Salmon run is usually VERY big just like the river itself! This is ideal for people of all ages. Pinks are easy to catch here. Fishing here is mostly done from our jet boats casting with light tackle. Fly fishing can be done from the boat(max 2 ppl) or from some secluded shore spots where 4 anglers can spread out.

Pink Salmon fishing on the Fraser is highlited with the incredible White Sturgeon fishing that coincides. This combo is perfect for a multi day fishing package. Lodging is just 3 minutes from the wharf where you board our 20 -22 foot covered jet boats.

Check out info on Fraser River Packages

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Fraser River Valley Chum Salmon Fishing

Best times are October 4 to November 20 and is timed with wicked Sturgeon fishing! This is a guaranteed arm burning fishery.

October trips and packages are booking now, are you ready for the best fishing holiday of your life? When you book with us you get 21 years of experience and 5 star reviews on your side.

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Hooking up with Chum Salmon is easy

Chum Salmon fishing in the Fraser River Valley provides excellent action on the Harrison and Stave river’s. Two of the main tributaries in the Valley. You can also hookup with Chum’s in the mainstem Fraser river with a fly rod. Our Chums are very hard fighting and mostly very aggressive if you have the right offering. Our guides are tops in their field and will ensure that you’re getting hooked up. So much so that your arms will feel it!

We require the use of our 20 – 22 foot covered jetboats to get you into the best spots in the Fraser Valley.

The popular blessing of Chum Salmon season is the crazy action for Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser. This makes for a ‘out of this world’ river fishing experience. Anglers really get spoiled here. If you’re visiting from Europe you’ll want to stay 5 or more days and live the dream!

Check out our Fraser River Fishing Holidays page.

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Dedicated sport fisher in British Columbia, proud dad and husband, and owner/head guide at Silversides Fishing Adventures since 1996. We guide for White Sturgeon and Salmon on the Fraser River plus Fly Fishing many rivers in the region for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout.