We know that a quality boat and fishing tackle is key to success!

customweld storm, fishing boat Owner and head guide Brian Mack relies on his 21 ft Custom Weld ‘Storm’ jet boat to transport you safely and quickly on the Fraser river and it’s local tributaries. Our assistant guides use 20-22 ft name brand jet boats such as North River and ThunderJet. The CustomWeld ‘Storm’ has a well designed cabin area that has seats for 5 guests plus captain. It’s so well designed that anyone up to 6 ft-2″ can stand up inside the cab area. The engine is a 5.7 liter V8 fuel injected with a Hamilton 212 pump that delivers a cruising speed of 55 km/h and a top speed of 70 km/h. These boats are rugged and virtually unsinkable ensuring your safety. Life jackets are always on board along with First aid kits and all the typical safety gear. Premium fishing tackle is also what we carry. Our safety record since 1996 is impeccable! Brian Mack has been boating on BC’s coast and rivers since he was 13 yrs old and knows a thing or 2 about navigating our waters.

sturgeon-fishing-gear Sturgeon gear: We are proud to introduce our newest top fishing tackle for Sturgeon. Shimano Talica 16 reels matched with the new Okuma ‘Makaira’ rods. In my opinion this is the ultimate setup for battling Sturgeon. The reels are light and have a superior drag system, the rods are also light but with all the sensitivity and strength you’ll need. It’s a joy to fight any Fraser river Sturgeon on this tackle.

Our original Sturgeon gear: Shimano Technium rods are specifically made to handle the brute force of Fraser Sturgeon and we cannot say enough about their ability to put up with the punishment a fierce Sturgeon delivers! We use Shimano Tyrnos 20 reels and spool them with 300+ yards of 100 – 150 lb PowerPro braided line. Nothing is better for handling big game river fishing and all its obstacles. We will be investing in some very high end Rods that one of our manufacturing associates has designed. We have tested them for him and their performance is unbelievable! We are experts at superior knot strength, you’re not going to lose a fish from a poor knot.

salmon rod, salmon reel Salmon gear: There are many different types of salmon fishing methods on British Columbia’s rivers from running big plugs and spinners for big Chinook salmon to casting light spinners and jigs for Coho and Pink salmon plus fly fishing. All of our gear is purchased with this in mind and it must meet the demands of each method and offer the angler the ability to ‘feel’ the fish, to enjoy the battle without equipment fail. When we fish for those big Chinook salmon we know exactly what to use so you won’t get busted off and feel ripped off. We constantly test different brands and models, if it makes us happy then it will be part of our line.

Lures and flies: We tie all our own flies and have a arsenal of proven patterns, many of which we’ve been using for nearly 20 years! plus all the newer hot patterns we develop constantly for species like Bull trout, Chum and Steelhead. Most of our spinners are either made by us or one of our local experts. We work on new styles and color patterns all the time to stay on top of our game.

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